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Website care services actively increase business efficiency. LPTech takes care of your website for the best possible optimization, increasing the number of interactions with customers, and increasing the visibility on Google. Please rest assured that your business and Web will be managed by LPTech.

What is website care service?

Website design aims to promote services, products of the business to customers. And more importantly, it promotes online business effectively.

To achieve that goal, a beautiful website is not enough, your website must be taken care of in the most comprehensive way, always innovating and providing customers with the most complete, accurate and professional information.

Website Care Services

On that basis, LPTech's professional website care service will help your website develop steadily, fully, follow the direction of the business and always rank on the search engines, as well as maintain the functional capabilities, stable access of the user ...

This update keeps your website fresh, usability is appreciated for website users as well as on search engines.

Why do businesses need to use website care services?

Another way the website looks like an Online Showroom, where millions of customers approach and search every day. So taking care of your website is no different than taking care of your showroom or store.

If your business is facing one of the following problems, you should choose a website care service:

  1. There is no administrator to take care of the website professionally.
  2. There is too little time to search and edit article files for your website.
  3. There are not enough information resources needed to navigate and update content for your website.
  4. Feeling confused when having to check each spelling of information before posting it on the website.
  5. Want to edit, change a few parts of the website but do not know who to ask or the company does not have a professional person in charge.
  6. Feeling too complicated when using the editing tools equipped on the website system.
  7. Feeling hesitant to spend a significant cost to hire an expert to update and take care of your website.
  8. The webmaster's current job is unsatisfactory.
  9. I am wondering if my website has broken links that do not lead visitors to the correct page you need to show them.
  10. Feeling insecure when your website frequently crashes or is insecure when you do not know that your website has been fully backed up?

Website care process of LPTECH

LP Tech always has a clear working process according to Japanese standards so that products are always the best and most satisfied customers.

Analysis of request

We will talk to you to understand your target requirements, to learn about your products and services from all kinds of documents you can provide. A summary of your website content care plan and budget will be sent to you, so provide the requested information as detailed as possible.


We always have detailed plans for jobs such as compiling content, processing images, updating articles on the website and sharing on social networks with clear KPIs to serve as a basis for assessment and effectiveness, adjustment during implementation in order to bring the highest efficiency to customers.

Management & Marketing

To perform effective website content management requires many professional skills of copywriters, designers, marketers. We have a team of professionally trained personnel with a high level of specialization, so the implementation costs are low but with high efficiency.

Customer Report

Service performance results are always synthesized, statistically and reported via email from you from 1-5 every month.

In addition, to track website development metrics, you also receive reports directly from Google-developed tools such as Google Analytics, Google webmaster, these metrics are statistic and sent to your email daily to timely grasp the situation of the website.

What is website content management?

We often compare the website as an internet representative office of a business, of course, there is no office that can maintain the cleanliness, development and most importantly "make money" if do not have the proper care and management. Website administration and care includes:

Take care of website content

Writing articles (Standard SEO Content, 100% new and valuable); posting and editing - image processing. Writing SEO Standard Articles helps to increase the keyword rankings of the website on Google, users will easily find the website of the business when they are in need.

Note: The cost of content writing service is not included in the web care service.

Statistics and reports on data from the website

Through the data from the website, we will evaluate, orient and plan a suitable marketing plan in order to develop the website better and better, bring higher business efficiency to the business.

The basic statistics and reports can be mentioned such as Access statistics by keywords, website analysis; Traffic statistics and traffic sources.

Fix bugs and edit website interface

The regular "care" of the website form to catch up with the trend of users is quite important. The programming team is available to edit the website according to customer requirements.

Website administration and security

  1. Monitor and backup your system regularly
  2. Handling when the system has problems on website, domain, hosting
  3. Scan and optimize data on the website monthly periodically to speed up data retrieval and control errors, helping keywords grow steadily. 

website content management

Benefits of using Website Administration service

To administer and take care of the website, many people think that they can perform all the steps professionally. Of course, but that's when your business has an entire apparatus, from editing to website design and engineering. Otherwise, you will soon abandon the website you spent money on and pass up the opportunity to increase your revenue from it. Why?

  1. The operating wheel of the business operation does not allow you to have time to take care of the website
  2. You are not professional enough to take care of, exploit and develop to increase the resources of the website
  3. Hiring? Simply put, you need a team of content staff, designers, programmers, and security staff. And indispensable managers, costly training is foreseen, but effectiveness cannot be said.

Using content management and website care services is the optimal solution with many benefits: 

You can rest assured to focus on your main job, the website is always updated with information about the business in the most timely manner. Shows the professionalism of the business through a well-cared website.

  1. It doesn't take time to recruit and train a whole team of "just for" website administration, while the cost of using our service is much lower.
  2. Business performance will be improved through the website and marketing plans from the website, you just need to see the monthly report or any time you want.

LPTech's Website Service and Care Price List, please choose or contact LPTech according to the information below to choose a package that best suits the cost. Don't poison your website with meaningless content and abandon it. A website can generate double profits for you in the long run.

Do not "abandon" your website just because it is too busy, it is the face of the business, is the place to exploit the best online sales channel. Let LP Tech become a professional "website care department" of your business.

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Contact Information

If you have any questions, please send us a request, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

LP Technology EC Co,. Ltd.

Business license number 0315561312 / GP by Department of Planning and Investment TP. Ho Chi Minh.

Văn phòng: Lầu 6, Toà nhà Hoàng Minh, 100 Nguyễn xí, Phường 26, Quận Bình Thạnh, HCMC

Hotline: 0338 586 864

Mail: sales@lptech.asia

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LPTech's mission?

LPTech always puts me in the customer to understand what difficulties you are having? Businesses are now struggling to manage their website. We have not found the best and perfect partner to deliver the full responsibility for managing their website.

Website design but can not increase income as well as reliable and reliable SEO Services. We understand that, devote our dedication to being able to support our Customers in the best way.