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SEO Services is a term that is not unfamiliar to the majority of businesses who want to build a strong brand. Therefore, many SEO service providers appear to help businesses solve website problems.

A reputable SEO service will help your business stand firmly on the top position. Choose a reputable website optimization service and a professional SEO service provider to help your business be at the forefront.

Important: Currently the SEO - SEM industry market has too many suppliers, from years of experience to establishment, low prices, high prices have enough. But do you know the essence of SEO is how to be the most sustainable and natural, there are many units using tricks and automatic traffic push tools to get through the eyes of Google Ranking and rank high quickly. 

You will see the website on top quickly in a short time. But unexpectedly, after the end of the contract, your website has been reevaluated by Google and blocked from Ranking or even the most other Google Algorithms.

SEO Services

There are many types of SEO industry, as well as the Underground of Hacking: There are White-hat SEO, Black-hat SEO, Brown-hat SEO ... but LPTech works under the criteria of quality and long-term reputation. LPTech does not accept to work through loudspeaker to outdo Customers and Search Engines to gain high but unsustainable rankings....

There is a Japanese sentence "和 を も っ て 尊 し と な す" which means "Respect for the peace", LPTech also considers it a motto to work with customers, but to keep both sides peaceful things must follow me clearly.

Helping businesses reach potential customers

Google is a smart search engine, 95% of Vietnamese users use this tool when looking to buy products or any service. If your website has many keywords that show up on the Google search page, especially the front page, customers will be more accessible to your products or services.

Improve brand credibility

Through SEO Services, customers will have access to the information you put into the website. The useful information will help your business improve credibility, gradually customers will know your brand more, and this business will also develop.

Brand is increased in trust and more people know it through professional SEO website services.

Analyze website data in the best way

When using SEO services for the website, you will know the behavior of customers accessing your website by tools such as Google Analytics or Webmaster Tool ... From this information, you can know the needs of customers, know which products they are most interested in and come up with appropriate marketing strategies to boost their business.

Besides, your business will also know how many customers have been visiting the website in a day, a month or a year.

You even know other metrics like customer gender, age, geographic location, language or website of competitors that are of interest to customers. Thanks to these statistics, businesses will capture potential customers and promote the most appropriate business.

You need to have knowledge of using tools to measure Website metrics and have a reasonable plan, Google has a tool that is Google Analytics an important assistant in the SEO service. 

LPTech is certified by Google for Google Analytics Individual Qualification for the use and operation of Google Analytics (Google Website Evaluation Tool).

Google analytics individual certification

Criteria for evaluating a quality SEO service

Choosing an SEO service provider is not easy. You can depend on the following criteria to evaluate the quality of the SEO service you choose:

Work experience

Experience for SEOer is very important. Because only people with long-term experience can advise and promote long-term business website promotion.

The long-term activity also means that SEO has been done for many projects, many companies in different fields, so it will have insight and grasp the best trends for effective website SEO.

LPtech SEO services have with over 15 years of experience in SEO services in major domestic markets such as SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City, SEO services in Hanoi, SEO services in Da Nang, SEO services in Can Tho and SEO services in Ho Chi Minh and neighboring provinces.

SEO Skill

You need to spend a little time to learn about the SEO techniques that the company you choose to adopt. If you don't know much about SEO then to confirm this, you can ask the questions you need to know about what an SEO service will do for your website. From that information, you will review their answers for the best judgment and choice.

Google Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing CertìicationLPTech certified by Google Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Certificate Code: HQP ERF XGU on Digital Marketing.

Technical SEO is very important in website optimization. With LPTech's SEO Master methodology (Content - Backlink - Branding - Schema - Speed) will be the first choice of customers. This is the most effective and sustainable SEO approach today.

The interaction between the company and the customer

The interaction is very important between the service provider company and the customer. This will help you monitor as well as understand the work they have done for your website.

The interaction between the two parties will also help you to promptly give feedback so that the SEO service company can take measures to quickly handle unexpected problems.

LPTech and customer

How will LPTech SEO your website?

Are you interested that after Using LPTech SEO services, we will process your website according to the process? The LPTech project manages and operates under the PDCA Cycle. To ensure all the activity is being precision.

LPTech apart from me understands the Google algorithm that LPTech understands about Business, so we are not only interested in website SEO only for you, but we can help you improve and provide training advice to customers. on SEO to optimize the website's effectiveness.

On-page SEO optimization website

  1. Analyzing on-page SEO and overall assessment of the current web state
  2. Build KPIs and install SEO quality metrics on your website.
  3. Advise customers and implement optimal on-page SEO processing.
  4. Check and fix errors on Google Search Console
  5. Add appropriate Schema for each area according to Google criteria.
  6. Optimize images on the offpage SEO server page.
  7. Priority Onpage by own technology of LPTech.

Security check

  1. Review site security status
  2. Advice and solutions to deal with customers to solve problems.

Destination - Target

  1. Use Google Analytics and other tools to analyze landing pages, Landing pages.
  2. Do a landing page optimization according to Google's criteria for landing pages.
  3. Analyze the User Behavior of the landing page, know the actions of the customer on the page and optimize according to the Checklist of LPTech.

Build professional content

  1. List all existing articles on customer website, analyze and edit.
  2. Edit, update current content on the page to standard SEO.
  3. Integrate content measurement tools to evaluate Content effectiveness.
  4. Check for duplicate content, meaningless content and other Content issues according to LPTech's Checklist.
  5. Register and confirm DMCA to protect content on website
  6. Check out articles that violate Google's algorithm

Track, maintain keyword rankings

  1. Monitor, analyze, and continuously update from technical to content and data on website to keep up with Google's algorithm
  2. Use the created KPI to track with the overall growth chart of the keyword and website.
  3. Track copy of content from other sites taking deterrent action, and report DMCA to remove post copy.
  4. Consulting the roadmap and solving with customers other issues related to the website.

LPTech also has a good automated KPI system and daily website evaluation, sent to Mail to customers every morning to together with LPTech to evaluate how the website is performing in the past day, this is also what LPTech wants to prove. transparent to customers.

We use Google Analytics as a measuring tool and evaluates the website with Google Search Console, analyzes Data data with Google Data Studio, everything professionally and specifically with data, ensuring you will be assured with our SEO service

Quality SEO services at LPTech

LPTech meets all of the above criteria, is proud to be the ideal choice of businesses in the implementation of website SEO work, promoting the development of the business.

Seo service at Lptech

To help customers be more flexible in choosing the right SEO service, we have the following service packages:

SEO Audit Services

Analyzing and evaluating the overall website SEO, thereby giving out solutions and strategies to promote the company's website.

Basic SEO services

Edit Website according to some minimum criteria needed to ensure the friendliness with the search system, helping the website increase ranking on Google.

Keyword SEO services

Pushing the keyword rankings of the website at the request of customers, committing to increase rankings on the search results page.

SEO Traffic Service

Traffic is the user's visit to the website. This service does not guarantee keyword rankings but ensures the amount of visits to the website according to keywords in the field of the business.

Overall SEO services

Including all the work of the above services. Large investment enterprises that want to develop strong brands in all aspects should use this service.

SEO consulting services

For businesses that have an SEO team but need support and advice from experts to have a more suitable construction direction.

The above is information about reputable and quality SEO services, helping your business stand firmly on the top position and reach more customers.

If you need to use the services of LPTech SEO or need advice on issues related to SEO website, please contact us to get answers to all questions about SEO services.

Coming to our company, customers will experience the best services with a team of professional and enthusiastic staff. We will advise you in most detail on the status of the website, as well as clearly analyze your request to choose the most suitable SEO service.

The SEO staff with stable experience, having performed many top google seo service projects in many different fields, should commit to giving the best plans to Optimize your Website.

Contact information

If you have any questions, you can send us a request, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

LP Technology E-Commerce Company Limited

Business license number 0315561312 / GP by the Department of Planning and Investment City. Ho Chi Minh.

53/34/73 Binh Loi Road, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

Hotline: 0963400885

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Zalo: 033 85 86 864

Contact via Zalo: 0338586864 (or click on this link: http://lptech.asia/zalo-lptech). Or enter the information you need support in the contact box below to contact LPTech.

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Contact Information

If you have any questions, please send us a request, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

LP Technology EC Co,. Ltd.

Business license number 0315561312 / GP by Department of Planning and Investment TP. Ho Chi Minh.

Văn phòng: Lầu 6, Toà nhà Hoàng Minh, 100 Nguyễn xí, Phường 26, Quận Bình Thạnh, HCMC

Hotline: 0338 586 864

Mail: sales@lptech.asia

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Zalo Sales:0866 974 944 (Sales)

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LPTech's mission?

LPTech always puts me in the customer to understand what difficulties you are having? Businesses are now struggling to manage their website. We have not found the best and perfect partner to deliver the full responsibility for managing their website.

Website design but can not increase income as well as reliable and reliable SEO Services. We understand that, devote our dedication to being able to support our Customers in the best way.