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Reputable website security service essential for businesses from cyber attacks and dangerous data theft. With the explosion of technology 4.0, the number of websites and users increased rapidly. Our country is at the top of the countries most attacked by hackers, due to ineffective cybersecurity controls. The website is attacked by hackers, stealing network data, customer information ... causing loss to businesses, whether big or small.

LPTech is a reputable unit with a team of professionally trained cybersecurity experts and will ensure that your website system will be safe if infected with LPTech virus will investigate the cause and thoroughly handle it.

CNSS Certified Network Security Specialist Certificate

Mr. Le Van Phu - CEO of LPTech is an expert in the security world, certified by ICSI UK with CNSS Certified Network Security Specialist Certificate.

Therefore, website security is a top priority that needs to be taken to maintain and operate the website effectively. Professional Website Security Service is a solution for units to protect their website from dangerous cyber attacks. Which unit should choose website security service? Which criteria to evaluate the selection?

Risks cybersecurity in Vietnam

The high growth rate of network users, the internet is a fertile ground to exploit, also hide many risks of network security, steal user information. The number of cybersecurity attacks in Vietnam is increasing, especially with websites built on WordPress platforms accounting for the highest proportion.

Most of Vietnam's websites are built on WordPress platforms, with ineffective methods of security and network management that make network security dangerous. The main form of cyber attack today - hackers spread malicious code through free, low-quality themes and plugins.

Other cyber-attack methods such as Local Attack Error, D-DoS, Phishing, Cross-site Scripting, SQL Injection Error ...

Website hacked by hackers will cause many impacts on businesses: 

  1. Lost customer information, exposing plans and business information leads to reduced business efficiency.
  2. Loss of image, brand reputation, when hackers use tricks to deceive customers.
  3. Fail SEO strategy, website crash, being removed by google.
  4. Expensive many costs to restore, rebuild.

Website security rules

Website security is especially important in the digital age, it should be optimized to protect businesses from cyber-attacks. Website is designed by algorithms, there are always vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to exploit, attack, and poison the entire system.

Top principles that network administrators and business owners need to follow to secure their website:

  1. Set up strong passwords - a basic but effective solution. Periodically change and update new passwords, avoid the risks of malware, re-malware the server system.
  2. The software used on the website is always vulnerable and exploited by hackers. Updating to the latest versions, improved by open-source code will prevent the risk of hacker attacks.
  3. Scan malware periodically checks application to detect timely vulnerabilities, files containing viruses, malicious code.
  4. Increase server security, the computer that contains the website. The solution to avoid physical attacks from malware.
  5. Use HTTPS - the internet protocol is an insecure HTTP alternative (See also: What Are Http And Https?).
  6. Use of website security tools: free or paid. Depending on the cost and security requirements of the unit.

Criteria for choosing a professional website security service

Quite a lot of vulnerabilities and the cause of the website can be attacked, infected with malicious code. A website is well defended, but not free from risks from hackers. Building a professional website security team is an essential requirement for businesses, big or small.

Enterprises, small and medium deals are the most vulnerable to hacker attacks. However, with these units, investing in a team of experienced technicians is not easy and costly. Choosing a reputable website security service will be the right solution.

The criteria that businesses need to pay attention to choose a reputable service provider with quality, effective protection of corporate website:

  1. Professional and effective website security process: checking, collecting information - analyzing web status - providing solutions, consulting quotes - implementing security - handing over and paying.
  2. The unit has a team of technicians, experts related to designing professional website programming.
  3. Signing a transparent contract, committing to quality of information security services.
  4. Price is also a criterion that businesses should refer to choose.

Website security services LPTech

Why should we choose the network security service at LPTech?

LPtech operates in the field of online marketing, providing many quality websites design services. With a team of programmers, network security will provide solutions for web service security specialists. At LPTech, customers are guaranteed:

  1. Checking and evaluating the website for correct authentication status, analyzing vulnerabilities, the risk of network attacks ... optimize the given method.
  2. Using the latest modern technology for website design, optimization of tools, and minimization of network security risks.
  3. The customer supports the service, not only securing the method given but also setting up and optimizing the website to operate efficiently and safely.
  4. Commitment to transparent services, issues related to network security. After-sales service, technical support, website commissioning.
  5. Price is the most priority, helping businesses save operating costs, SEO marketing 

A secure website against hacker attacks is necessary to operate the system effectively and prevent loss of corporate assets. Professional website security services at LPTech will provide comprehensive solutions to protect business data and information.

In addition, LPTech also provides SEO website and website care services, ready to meet all the needs of customers. Contact us immediately for advice on effective marketing solutions for your website

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